Upon arrival at the week-long course, each student will be supplied with everything they need to complete the course work.  On the first day of class, the student will be given a SWAG bag printed with the National CSI camp logo.  Inside will be notebook, CSI pen, paper, class outline, and other information that will be pertinent to the course.  Each student will also receive a National CSI Camp Tshirt  (Please be sure to indicate the size of the T-Shirt when registering your student), and identification lanyard that will be worn by the student each day.

Each Student will be given a ticket for lunch each day (for the week long course) in the school cafeteria.  Lunch will include the students choice of a sandwich, sub or wrap, bag of chips, a can or bottle of water or soda, and a cookie for desert.

If your child has any special food needs, restrictions, or allergies, please tell us in advance of the school, so that we can accommodate and coordinate his/her needs before the course begins.

Lunch will not be served at the 1-day class.  We ask students to bring their own lunch for this day.