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Our Recent Home School History

Since Covid hit, we completely reconfigured and transitioned our ‘in-person’ program in order to be delivered via a virtual platform. We have been delivering the program to hundreds of students in just a few summer/fall months during year of 2020.

We are now offering to teach our Virtual program to those parents that choose to homeschool their children. If you are new to having your children at home and instructing them, consider taking a break and have us take over some of that STEM training.

We have an introductory 7.5 hour program that we host over a 5 day period. We can teach the same to your group or POD (in-person) over a single or two day span, depending upon where you are located. We can offer that same training virtually delivered.

We can conduct this training privately with our regularly scheduled virtual classes, or to we can deliver our program virtually to your POD. We offer discounts when teaching to PODs.

We request that you organize and sign up for our class 10 days in advance, so that we can deliver our CSI Lab Kits to your home. This kit includes materials needed for this very hands-on STEM class (also don’t forget to give us your T-shirt size as each students gets one).

Let us know if we can host a class for you and give you a break from teaching

In 2022, We began offering our program as an After School Enrichment Program to schools. We can configure the program for 5 consecutive days as a club program, or once a week for 8 weeks (or however you want the program delivered).

Because of so many programming delivery options based on the number of hours, we have varying price structures. Please email us to discuss @

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