Our instructors are experienced professionals who have not only done their job and seen crime scenes, but have excelled at it.  All of our instructors are accomplished instructors, most of which have advanced degrees.  We really enjoy teaching to those that want to learn STEM, Forensics and/or Law Enforcement from the Experts.




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The class is designed as an educational, week long class, that is run by the professionals who have worked hundreds of crime scenes.  The instructors promise to deliver their knowledge and experience to their high school aged audience.  The course is informative, challenging and fun! 




This class is available to pre-high school and high school students who are at least in the 7th grade to the Senior grade.  The students should have an interest in general science, forensic science, law enforcement, or an interest in general problem solving.  These fields merge in the world of Forensics. Students will learn to use State of the Art techniques and technology from Detectives that have used the techniques to solve real-life crimes. 




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Students will participate in an educational lecture each day of the camp.  After each lecture, the students will use the knowledge they have gained to process a mock crime scene by photographing and processing the crime scene, collecting and logging evidence, interviewing suspects, and ultimately solving the crime.  The culmination of the students’ efforts and problem solving skills from the crime scene will progress to a mock trial lead by courtroom attorneys on the last day of class.  The students will use what they have learned at the mock crime scene, follow leads to the suspect(s) and ultimately charge and convict the suspect(s) in the courtroom.

The class is designed to challenge all students, and they are encouraged to actively participate in each step of the practical and classroom components of the class.




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For locations and to Register for a one-day class click on the link below:  https://nationalcsicamp.org/1-day-introductory-csi-class/

For locations and to Register for the two-day class, click on the link below:  https://nationalcsicamp.org/2-day-advanced-course/

For locations and to Register for a four/FIVE day class click on the link:  https://nationalcsicamp.org/camp-registations/

Why this Camp?


SEVEN big reasons: 

1.)  The students love this class.  These are some of the words that THEY use to describe this class:  “Helpful, Interesting, Inspirational, Enjoyable, Good, Fun, Intriguing, Amazing, Informative…”   

2.) We are the only camp that provides instruction by Detectives with real life homicide/forensic experience and teaching experience.  By bringing these individuals’ experiences into the classroom, they will provide a unique knowledge base and most up-to-date investigative techniques to the students.

3.)  By using the police officers, we intend to bridge the gap between the community and the police, one student at a time!  Student and Detective interaction will occur every day of the class and the interaction and experiences will last a life time for both the students and teaching Detectives.

4.)  We are competitively priced.  National CSI Camp, LLC the most affordable week-long  CSI class in the East Coast area.  The 1-Day and 2-Day classes cost is less than the cost of childcare for the 7 or 14 hour day and your child will get an education and unique experience in niche of science and law enforcement. 

5.) We also are the only company to offer a 1-day introductory CSI course, and a 2-Day Advanced course that builds upon the Introductory Curriculum.  This 1-Day class is also classroom based for most of the day.  After lunch, we visit a mock crime  scene, collect evidence, and piece together the evidence of the crime scene based on what the students have learned in class.  The 2-Day Class is designed to build on the first day, and test the theories learned in class through experiments and processing specific parts of a crime scene using Science .  Most of these classes are hosted in conjunction with a municipal recreation departments or boards of education. 

6.)  The experience the students gain will pay dividends on the future giving them an edge on other students from the experience and learning experience from this class, for a college or for their future profession in science of law enforcement.   

7.)  Each student will not only get experience of learning from real Detectives, but will also get the experience of processing crime scenes, putting this class on their resume for college.                     

Each class is limited to 20-30 students per class, depending on the location of the class.  Each student will receive a ‘Certificate of Completion’ for their scholastic or personal records.  Registration is first  come, first serve.  Register today.

Member of the New Jersey Science Teachers Association

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Member of the New Jersey Science Teachers Association

Certified Volunteer Trainer (Fingerprinting and Forensics) for the Boy Scouts of America  (BSA Certification Number: 130500003)

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2019 Schedule of Classes:

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This Camp was awesome

This camp was the bestest!!