CSI Course Schedule

1-Day Course

This will be a largely condensed course compared to the full week-long class.  This classes will cover much of the below referenced topics within the week-long course description.  Students of the day-long course will get an opportunity to process a crime scene and determine what happened at the crime scene based on what they have learned in class, using  STEM principles covered during the lecture.

2-Day through 4-Day Course

These classes cover topics with a large emphasis and focus on one component of the 5-day course and can be designed to suit the need of the program.

Week Long Course

Each day will begin with a lecture in the classroom, followed by the students practicing what they have learned and applying that knowledge to every step of the mock investigation, ending with a mock trial.


The Criminal Justice System overview, Crime scene processing, evidence collection and basic forensics lecture, including lifting latent fingerprints and footprint/tire track mold analysis.


Each student will be assigned a responsibility, as part of the CSI team, to  process the crime scene in the morning.  All students will return to the classroom, listen to a report writing lecture and write a report documenting their role in the crime scene.  We will also discuss theories of the crime based on what was discovered at the crime scene.


After an Interview and Interrogation lecture, students will develop leads on the case, create a suspect list, interact and consult with the Instructors to make sure they are pursuing leads in the correct direction.  They will also interview suspects to glean relevant information on the case.


Criminal Court system lecture and the roles of the Prosecution and Defense sides of the courtroom, the dynamics within the courtroom, and what to consider during trial preparation.  Students will break into their groups, develop a strategy for court and prepare for trial.


Final preparations for trial in the morning and rehearsal for the mock trial.  The mock trial will follow pulling all of the pieces of the investigation together bringing an end to the investigation and bringing the criminal to justice.