Letters of Recognition, Testimonials, and Endorsements

Randals PGH

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Laura Nelson

acpd jan 2019

njsp explorers 2018

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Mike HughesEHT Explorers Cert of appreciation 2018

OC Hunnewell Thx

Finnerty           DeGae



Thank you from Trenton Catholic AcademyEHT HS 4-20

Brigantine 2 2018Brigantine 2018Capturedave haganHammonton 2018

ACCCHammonton 2Hammonton 2018

Somerville Class 2018sonja parker

Stone Harbor

At the end of a recent class, we asked the students to describe in one word, the virtual CSI course they just took, and these were their responses:

(*This class referenced was formatted as a 3.5 hour class for 2 days. We agree with the suggestion*)