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My name is Sean Clancy.  I am a recently retired Captain of Detectives from the Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office in NJ.  I decided to bring together my science background and law enforcement experience, and create National CSI Camp, LLC.  There is no other company that is using this type of business model to convey this type of subject matter to students. 

The company’s goal is to provide unique training to mature minded junior high school and high school aged students by using current experienced law enforcement officers to teach the students modern and up-to-date investigative techniques that solve  crimes.  

The instructive model of Socratic Method of teaching was developed to impart knowledge to the students directly from the Detectives.  Equally as important, as a retired police officer, I have watched the relationship between the community and the police become strained over many incidents that have drawn national coverage all too often, not holding the police in a good light.  By bringing competent, personable and enthusiastic police detectives into teach high school aged kids, we are promoting and improving a positive bond and fostering a better relationship between the police and community. 

We have repeat students take our classes (one student has taken our course 4 times) which speaks volumes about the program.  All of the instructor enjoy teaching and interacting with the students.  We hope your child will enjoy the class just as much as others and will always listen to input provided  by the parents or student to better improve the program.  Thanks for taking the time to visit our website.

                                                                                                                         -Sean Clancy

Sean’s background


While enrolled in an undergrad program as a student/athlete at Stockton University, Sean pursued the requirements of a science degree including chemistry, physics, calculus, and associated science disciplines and earned his Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Environmental Science and All Conference Honors in both the Cross Country and the Track programs at Stockton University.

After graduating, he immediately put that degree to work and was hired as an Environmental Specialist with Atlantic County, where he routinely conducted scientific testing and sampling in the field, of air, water, soil and hazardous materials, by using various methodologies and accepted analytical practices.  He was assigned to the Environmental Crimes Task Force where the small unit of four investigators pursued both criminal and civil environmental cases and took those cases to trial.

After 10 years at the Atlantic County’s environmental unit, Sean shifted gears to pursue a career in law enforcement.  He was hired by the Atlantic County Prosecutors Office as a Detective in 1998.  Over the next 18 years, he gained experience in many units including Narcotics, Homicide, Evidence, Accreditation, Intelligence, Training, and SWAT.

Over the course of his career, he was promoted to Sergeant, Lieutenant and eventually management, rising to the rank of Captain and Commander of the Atlantic County SWAT Team and, at the same time, held many collateral duty positions within the Office.  He currently continues to serve as an instructor  over the last decade for the New Jersey Chiefs’ of Police, Command and Leadership Academy

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In 2017, Sean was negatively impacted by the Opioid Crisis, as have many families across the country, and lost someone very close to him.  Wanting to affect change as a civilian, he developed a presentation on the topic of the Opioid Crisis and he has been invited to speak at public functions on the subject of the Crisis.  Some of these venues include many area high schools and other community events.

He volunteers his time and energy as a speaker for any group that would like to take advantage of his 10 years of Narcotic experience, and his passion to contribute to the Awareness movement of this epidemic.  He was appointed in 2020 to the Mayor’s Municipal Drug Alliance Committee where they create programs for education and prevention of drug and alcohol abuse for the community. 

Sean has been an avid runner for all of his adult life, and a coach at the age group , high school and college levels for swimming, cross country and track. After competing as a Division III in college, he went on to be a perennial triathlete and racer.  Running and racing Triathlons has been a passion of Sean’s for many years.  He works out daily, races when he can and has competed and finished in Seven Ironman Distance races including his last race at this distance at age 50.

Each spring and summer, Sean works  for various local charities and other non-profit organizations while organizing running and triathlon races in the Atlantic County , NJ area.  Below is his Curriculum Vitae.

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