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We moved to this teaching platform in mid June 2020.  After a month of hosting only a few on-line classes, we have trained students from NJ, PA, NY, Texas, Louisiana, Maryland, and Massachusetts and continue to add students  from many areas of the U.S..  Join us for a class and develop solutions and problem solve with classmate from all over the country. 

Register for an on-line 2020 class today by clicking on any of the links in Blue.  Registration for these classes ends 10 days before the class so that we can drop/ship the CSI Lab Kits to you in time for the class, so please register early.

Class 1INTRO CLASS -June 15th-June 19th everyday @ 10am-11:30  Virtual Class # 1

Class 2:  INTRO CLASS- June 29th-July 3rd everyday @ 10am-11:30am Virtual Class # 2

Class 3:  INTRO CLASS – July 7th-July 8th, each day @ 9am-12:30pm Virtual Class # 3

Class 4: INTRO CLASS – July 27th-July 31st everyday @ 10am-11:30am Virtual Class # 4

Class 5:  INTRO (Virtual) CLASS- August 5th (all day) @ 9am-5pm Virtual Class # 5

Class 5: INTRO (In-Person) Class – September TBD (all day) @ 9am-5pm  POSTPONED TBD. 

Class 6:  INTRO CLASS- August 10th-August 14th @ 10am-11:30am Virtual Class # 6

Class 7:  INTRO CLASS- August 24th-28th @ 10am-11:30am  Virtual Class # 7

Class 8:  INTRO CLASS- September 14th-18th @ 4pm-5:30pm Class #8  THIS CLASS IS NOW FULL

Class 9:  INTRO CLASS- September 14th-18th @ 7pm- 8:30pm  West Coast Class # 9 Registration Link 

Class 10:  Intro CLASS- October 26th-30th @ 4pm-5:30pm Virtual Class #10 Registration Link

Class 11:  INTRO CLASS- November 2nd- 6th @ 10am-11:30am Class # 11 Registration Link 

Class 12:  INTRO CLASS- November 2nd-6th @ 7pm-8:30pm  Class # 12 Registration Link

Class 13: Intro Class- November 5th & 6th (NJ Teachers Convention) @ 9am-1230pm                         CSI Teachers Convention Registration Link

Class 14:  INTRO CLASS- November 16th-20th @ 4:30pm-6pm Class # 14 Registration Link

Class 15:  INTRO CLASS- December 7th-11th @ 4pm-530p Class # 15 Registration Link

Class 16:  INTRO CLASS- December 26th- 30th @ 11am-12:30pm Class # 15 Registration Link

2021 Class Offerings

Class #1:  Intro Class January 25th-29th @ 4p-530p (must register by JAN 15th)               Class # 1 Registration Link

Class #2: February’s Fantastic Five Forensic Fridays (also known as Class#2) February 5th, 12th,19th, 26th, (and March 5th) @ 430p-6p (must register by JAN 22nd)                   Class # 2 Registration Link

Class #3:  February 12th and February 15th (Presidents Weekend) @ 9a-1230p both days (must register by FEB 4thClass # 3 Registration Link

Class#4:  February 22nd-26th @ 4pm-530p (must register by FEB 11th)                             Class # 4 Registration Link

Class #5:  March 22nd-26th @ 7p-830p (must register by MAR 12th)                                   Class # 5 Registration Link

Class#6:  March 29-April 2nd @ 10a-1130a (must register by MAR 19th)                            Class # 6 Registration Link

Class #7:  April 5th-9th @ 10a-1130a (must register by MAR 26th)                                       Class # 7 Registration Link

Class #8:  April 19th-23rd @ 430p-6p (must register by APR 9th)                                         Class # 8 Registration Link

What is the class?

We have created a Virtual Class that hit on many STEM concepts as they relate to solving crimes.  The class we offer on-line is a 7+ hour class and is set up for 90 minute sessions, Monday through Friday (with some variation).  This is an introductory program and is a prerequisite to any additional training we host.  All times and dates listed are East Coast time zone.

Plans have been submitted to each of our partners that adhere to a standard more strict than the existing CDC guidelines for in-person classes.  We anticipate in having many of the classes we have scheduled.  However, local authorities have the final say on whether the class is a ‘go’ and decisions will vary from location to location, hence the birth of our Virtual Class.  We cover many topics and reinforce the concepts with Lab experiments in this 7+ hour class:

MONDAY:  Making a magnifying glass and Fingerprinting; TUESDAY: Fingerprinting, part 2, Handwriting Analysis, Chromatography; WEDNESDAY:  unknown powder identification, footprint casting; THURSDAY:  Time of Death, DNA; FRIDAY: Blood splatter patterns, missing persons, process a virtual crime scene….

An important component of any of our classes is the hands-on labs so students can learn by way of experience.  The labs are invaluable to National CSI’s program. In each session (every day) we will be presenting a powerpoint presentation in each class via the Zoom platform and have actual labs and exercises that reinforce each topic.  We ask that the parent supervise their child during the lab components of the program each day.

We have created a CSI Lab Kit that is included in the price of the remote learning class.  The items within the kit will be shipped to the parents of each registered student and contain most of the items need to conduct the labs.  We are asking for parent to have a few additional common items that will most likely be at the house (to include baking soda in addition to the below referenced list).  The below is a picture and list of the Kit’s contents.

SWAGMatl's provided by parents

This is the CSI Lab Kit construction assembly line & assorted SWAG

The cost of the 7+ hour class is $89.  It includes the professional instruction, contents of the CSI kit, Tshirt, and Certificate of Completion.  You cant beat the value of this package.  We are asking parents to register one week prior to the scheduled course (no late registrations) so we can ship the CSI kit to your home before the start of the class.  Please email ( us if you are interested in registering more than one student at a discounted tuition.

Registration is simple, click on the below link to register and pay for the class.  We will ship you the kit, email you all of the exercises, drills and other educational materials electronically.  We will send you an invitation to join us via Zoom.    Join us for a class today!!

You can request a private class and can configure it anyway you like.  2 three and half hour sessions, 1 full day session….  Just request the dates/time that fit your schedule and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

We are in the process of moving our entire 2 day and 3 day programs to a Virtual Classroom.  For any of our advanced programs, all students registering shall have completed our introductory course.  At the completion of the Virtual Class, we will sending each student a Certificate of Completion.IMG_1935

(Extra bonus points if you know who Melvin Purvis was!)

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