At current, we offer two types of camps/classes for students.  Students that are in 7th – 12th grades are welcome to attend.  The topics discussed are for mature minded students that have an interest in Law Enforcement and/or Science.  We host a week long class, as well as 1-day introductory class.


Week long classes are hosted at a County College and are 5 days in duration.  We ask that the parents drop their children off early to the host location.  We will be working the full day and will start and end promptly, at the designated time, usually 9am- 4pm.  If you are a parent and need extra childcare, we can provide that, as long as we know 2 weeks before the class begins.  There is a checkbox on our registration site if you need to request additional time after the scheduled class ends each day.

1-Day classes are usually hosted through a municipal recreation department or board of education.  We adhere to the same protocol as the week long class in terms of student pick-up/drop off.

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