CSI Lab Kits for Sale

Our Complete CSI Lab Kit contains 16 Labs, exercises, practical’s and drills. It is the only complete kit on the market. The Kits are $120 plus shipping and tax.

We also have individual Kits for just fingerprinting and just footprint casting ($20 each plus shipping and tax)

All kits are intended to be used in conjunction with our ‘live’ on-line program where Detectives deliver the curriculum. We can sell the kits with simple instructions and links to your YouTube page which contain tutorials and demonstrating of each Lab as a DIY, but it is not suggested. Register for a class on our classes page.

Our CSI Lab Kit
We moved our program to a virtual platform.

Since then, we have been selling out CSI Lab Kits to schools, teachers and others that are interested in How STEM is used to solve crimes.

Contact us at NCSiC1@yahoo.com

If you are a school or an After School Program, please email us a request of how many kits you will be ordering, where to ship them and what times and dates are you requesting us to teach this ‘live’ educational programing. The CSI Lab Kit price is discounted when purchasing over 10 kits for schools, or non-profits, homes schooling pods… Email us at ncsic1@yahoo.com to place an order.