The Instructors

All Instructors have real life Forensic and/or Homicide Investigative experience.

Our staff has dedicated their careers to the furtherance and pursuit of law enforcement endeavors.  Specifically, each instructor has had specific experience in the field of being a Detective, Forensics and/or Homicide investigations.  The handpicked instructors also have an array of experience in many other types of criminal investigations including, but not limited to; Forensics, Homicide, Narcotics, Child Abuse,  Computer Crimes, Financial, Insurance and Fraud Crimes…… and all instructors have teaching/instructing experience.


All chaperones who have been selected to assist the class are full time public or private school teachers, and/or police officers that have been fully vetted during the background check and hiring process.

Employment for Instructors

For each class there are a limited number of instruction slots available. Typically, we select 4-5 law enforcement officers to teach a different topic.  During the week long course, along with the instructors, will be two chaperones assigned to assist the students.

Due to the overwhelming response from the law enforcement community, we will be unable to process your request to teach, unless you meet the minimum qualifications. Maintaining this integrity will ensure the same level of instruction for each class.

If you are interested in instructing, and you meet the below referenced minimum qualifications, please email your letter of interest and a curriculum vitae to

Law Enforcement Teaching Qualifications

You must be a full or part time law enforcement officer (LEO), recently retired law enforcement officer, or a practicing attorney with a valid law degree.  Both LEO’s and Attorneys shall have  experience handling cases within a Homicide or Forensics Unit.  Law Enforcement Officers should, have a Bachelors or advanced degree, preferably related to your field of discipline.  You should also have credentials and experience teaching in a classroom setting.  You should be familiar with the most recent and up-to-date trends, techniques and topics in Forensics and Homicide investigations.


Chaperones assigned to each class shall be currently certified teachers in the public or private school systems and currently employed.  Teachers can be certified in any discipline, but preferably their employment should be at the high school level of education.

Real life law enforcement officers that are experienced in Forensics/Homicide Investigations are what make this course stand apart from our competitors.  The standardization of qualification is essential to deliver the same quality of education to the student.   Please do not submit your CV if you do not have experience within the areas described.  We appreciate your interest and thank you for understanding and we looking forward to working with you.